At Ngawaka Group we are committed to attracting the best available talent, developing our people, and creating highly engaged teams who deliver great results for our customers.

Our Mission

At Ngawaka Group, we believe business can be a powerful enabler of social change. We believe we have a responsibility – and an opportunity – to find new ways to help Māori-led businesses grow in a manner that both honours and is informed by our deep understanding of Māori culture.

Ngawaka Group was created with this philosophy in mind. Our intention is to lead the growth and success of high-quality, Māori-led businesses – businesses that will stimulate opportunities for iwi and whānau and return value to our people, while protecting our whenua and taonga.

If you’re looking to further your career in a company that has a reputation for delivering complex projects that benefit communities, Ngawaka Group may have opportunities available.

New opportunities will be profiled here as they arise.

Men working construction outdoors for Rehua Reo Contracting

Our History

Based in Whangarei and Auckland, Ngawaka Group was established in 2018 to promote Māori economic development. Ngawaka Group uses business acumen combined with deep understanding of Māori culture to deliver business results that have transformative benefits to iwi. Ngawaka Group’s companies include Rehua Reo Contracting, Rehua Roofing, Te Kaihoko and Moana Honey.