Our People

The founders and directors of Ngawaka Group use business acumen combined with a deep understanding of Māori culture to deliver business results that have transformative benefits for iwi and whānau

Our People

Meet Ngawaka Group’s Melanie Catanuto, Clyde Ngawaka, Andy Pothan and Mark Ngawaka. Based in Northland and Auckland, Ngawaka Group’s companies include Rehua Reo, Rehua Roofing, Te Kaihoko Limited and Moana Honey. Ngawaka Group is focused on leading the growth of Maori-led businesses, creating opportunities for iwi and whānau.

Melanie Catanuto - Director of Ngawaka Group

Melanie Catanuto


Melanie (Oriwa Heremaia-Kuri) is of Ngāpuhi and Ngāiterangi descent. She brings 14 years’ asset management experience across the States, Europe and the Middle East to Ngawaka Group.

Melanie is a passionate advocate for Māori economic development. She was the vice-chairman of Ngāti Rangi Development Society Incorporated, the commercial arm of the hapū; and a trustee of the Education Trust, providing pastoral care to students in tertiary education (trades training).

With a strong understanding of iwi leadership and politics, combined with experience in local and international business and finance, Melanie brings business acumen and cultural insight to her role at Ngawaka Group.

Phillip Ngawaka

Business Development

Phillip is of Ngāti Wai descent with a background in Construction and Maori Economic Development. 

Phillip successfully runs various family-owned businesses and recently was the Vice-Chairman of Ngāti Wai Trust Board. Phillip’s strengths are in Leadership, Governance, Strategy and Maori Economic Development. 

Phillip’s passions are his whānau and his people and is highly motivated to ensure the growth of Ngawaka Group.
Clyde Ngawaka, Construction Manager for Rehua Reo Contracting Limited, a Ngawaka Group COmpany

Clyde Ngawaka

Construction Supervisor

Clyde brings 25 years’ experience to his role as supervisor for Rehua Reo Contracting Ltd, a core business in the Ngawaka Group portfolio.

Clyde oversees a team of 18-20 staff who are responsible for piles and panel fabrication for Rehua Reo Contracting Ltd. In his role, Clyde is in regular communication with engineers and management at Steel and Tube.

Previously Clyde worked on busway projects and bridge building projects in Mangere, Greenhithe and Spaghetti Junction in Auckland.

Clyde is valued for his leadership, his attention to detail, his commitment to meeting deadlines and his ability to ensure projects run on time.

Andy Pothan Operations Manager for Ngawaka Group

Andy Pothan

Operations Manager

Andy is the operations manager for Ngawaka Group and works across the board from project management to finance, people management to health and safety.

In his role at Ngawaka Group, Andy oversees the work completed by Rehua Reo Contracting Ltd, and is involved in the group’s honey businesses also.

Andy brings a depth of experience to his role. He is a draftsman by trade and previously worked for Downer on civil projects. Andy has developed multiple housing companies and has extensive experience in project management of high-end homes.

More recently, he has worked in the honey trade, growing a Northland honey business from 1200 to 12,000 hives.

Mark Ngawaka - Rehua Roofing - Ngawaka Group Leadership team

Mark Ngawaka

Rehua Roofing

With over 30 years’ experience in roofing, Mark Ngawaka leads the Rehua Roofing team for Ngawaka Group.

Under Mark’s leadership, the Rehua Roofing team complete residential roofing projects across greater Auckland. Mark’s consistently strong leadership has significantly contributed to the company’s reputation for excellent workmanship, timeliness and attention to detail.

Mark has a passion for his work and his team and for creating opportunities and career pathways for his whanau.