Rehua Reo

Established to utilise knowledge of the steel reinforcing services market, Rehua Reo has a dual focus of generating opportunities for whānau

About Rehua Reo


Across the Ngawaka Group, we offer a complete reinforcing solution for infrastructure, commercial and civil projects. 

Rehua Reo Ltd specialises in the prefabrication of piles, cages and walls.  These are fabricated in our yard which provides ideal working conditions for staff and optimal product output.  We are able to utilise overhead gantry cranes and collaborate with detailing staff. Once completed the product is then delivered directly to site for installation exactly when needed. 

We have long-established high performing teams of experienced steel fixers/fabricators and we deliver almost twice the volume output as the industry standard.

Ngawaka Group and Rehua Reo are focused on creating business opportunities that result in positive social change for iwi and whānau.  We provided a pathway back to employment for some, with training, development, support and attractive benefits offered to workers. In return, we have seen the team efficiently deliver high-quality work for our customers.

Steel coils in warehouse - working inside with Rehua Reo, a Ngawaka Group company