Te Kaihoko Limited

With a strong focus on sustainability and protecting our whenua, Te Kaihoko is connected to our history of trading and has enabled us to create new opportunities for our people

About Te Kaihoko 

Kaihoko means merchant or trader in Māori. 
Māori were entrepreneurs well before European colonisation occurred and traded internationally throughout the first half of the 19th century.

“He kai kei aku ringa” is a whakatauki (proverb) reflecting the resilience and economic self-determination of Māori.

Created in 2018, Te Kaihoko is an international trading company based in Whangarei and Auckland. Te Kaihoko trade the highest grade produce from around the world to chef’s in restaurants and resorts. Our hero product is Manuka Honey, which we as Māori have been using for generations.  Our super premium grade manuka honey is sourced from naturally regenerating manuka bush in Northland.

With a strong focus on sustainability, Te Kaihoko’s manuka honey is coveted by the world’s most exclusive, discerning clientele for its healing and nutritional benefits. 

We aim to provide the highest quality produce sourced directly. Sustainability is key to our business.

We are a Māori-owned and operated business, created in 2018 to promote Māori economic development.

Te Kaihoko Ltd represents the core value of Ngawaka Group: Manaaki whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakemua – If we take care of the earth and take care of people, we will take care of the future.

Ngawaka Group also own the honey harvesting and trading brand, Moana Honey.

Beekeeping for Te Kaihoko, a Ngawaka Group company